Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Debate This!

Well, it's happened again. The MSM has decided not to invite Elizabeth May to the debates. Deja Vu! The call went out last night through social online media and the response was overwhelming "Let Elizabeth Speak!" With 1 in 10 people voting Green last time around, it's unbelievable that we aren't allowed to debate, with the other leaders, the future direction of the country. The reason why? Because we Greens don't hold a seat in Parliament. The reason why? We don't employ Proportional Representation as an electoral process. The "first past the post" system has done well by the old parties and until we change that, we'll continue to fight this up hill battle. Based on a metaphor for horse racing, it encourages tactical or strategic voting where voters vote for one of the two parties most likely to form the government. The fall out in our case is that Green voters may vote Liberal in an attempt to "dethrone" the Conservatives. That said, given we received over 930,000 votes in 2008, one can only wonder what kind of numbers we would have amassed if that fear didn't exist!

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