Friday, April 15, 2011

Greens Believe

It was a busy day Thursday for Team Green. It started with a 1 on 1 interview with CHEX TV's Graham Hart. The highlight of the interview was when he suggested after attending Monday night's debate, he found my delivery of Green ideas and campaign style refreshing!!! He had never seen a candidate defend another candidate before. He was referring to my defense of Dean as a person, while suggesting "he seems like a nice guy, he's just working for the wrong team!" Graham also made my day by suggesting he thought I was in my early 30's!! lol "50 in a few months Graham!"
Later in the day I had a great interview with Sarah Deeth. As well as needling me for party policy and platform, she also took a moment to get to know me and about family and things I believe in. The same was afforded each candidate and will make for some interesting reading.
At 6:00pm it was off to Strutt Modeling Agency where Greens showed up to have their pictures taken wearing our Made in Canada bamboo "Think Green" T-shirts. The photos will be used in a number of print and poster campaigns around the area. We also shot some video which will be edited and posted to youtube for sharing! Somke iphone snaps have been uploaded to
All in all, a great day of getting the Vision Green out to folks and solidifying support with the ever growing number of people who see the Green way as the right way (as evidenced by the growing number of signs around the city).

It's Friday am and I've just returned from an all candidates at St Peter's high school. Many young greens in the crowd. The future looks so bright, I'll have to wear shades!

I'm off the local campaign trail for the rest of day, heading to Huntsville to MC tonight's Green Party of Ontario Annual Convention opening dinner and ceremonies. Back at it Saturday, with canvassing and an appearance in the fashion show fundraiser at Peterborough Sq for Community Living.

Always remember, Green Means Go!

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